Feb 212018

R-Comp Interactive will have a selection of OS and software updates for ARMSX ARMX6 and TiMachine computers, which they’ll be demonstrating at this weekend’s Southwest Show.

OS update 11 for the ARMX6 brings with it a number of new features and improvements, in areas such as 16, 4K, and 64K colour modes, MODE 7, support for a 3840×1600 screen resolution, a new version of BASIC optimised for hardware-floating point, improved memory performance, and more.

For the TiMachine, there is v4 of the high resolution graphics/multi-head driver, adding support for 256 colours, selected 3840×1600 ‘super-wide’ displays, and more.

The company will also be talking about a quad-core enabled version of RISC OS, available to ARMX6 owners for development/evaluation purposes, and demonstrating accelerated graphics.

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Feb 242017

R-Comp have announced a new network driver for the ARMX6 that can provide a performance boost of between one and a half and ten times. Most users should see a benefit, but some more so than others – users with mixed speed devices on their networks, for example, should see more consistent behaviour and less problematic networking with Acorn Access or ShareFS.

The latest RISC OS build for ARMX6 computers also now includes support for disc partitioning – something that has been notably lacking on RISC OS until now. Partitioning a disc means it is split up into more than one ‘logical’ drive, which is especially useful for larger drives, and means RISC OS can now make full use of the space. In addition, partitioned discs use GUID Partition Tables – an industry standard that means other platforms should recognise the partitions (even if they can’t actually read the contents).

ARMX6 users can upgrade in by visiting the users’ website and logging in as usual. You can also expect to hear Andrew talking about this at the Southwest Show tomorrow.

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Oct 272016

With a prominent effect of the EU Referendum result here in the UK being the low value of the British pound against other currencies, most notably the dollar, R-Comp Interactive have announced that they are able to avoid increasing the price of ARMSX ARMX6 and TiMachine computers, at least for now. The per machine costs to the company have risen by £70-£100, but they managed to build up a stock of components prior to the referendum  – so there will be a final batch of the computers available at the London Show on Saturday at the current prices.

All machines will be supplied with an extra storage device at no extra cost, and will include the newly expanded Bundle CD, featuring software worth around £300.00 – so it’s not all bad!

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Oct 202016

R-Comp Interactive has released ‘Super Pack 8’ – an updated disc image, containing the latest versions of the bundled software – for their ARMSX ARMX6 and TiMachine computers. Users of those machines, or who have subscribed to the relevant support schemes if appropriate, can download SP8 from the download site for the computer/scheme, using log-in details provided with the original documentation.

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Apr 152016

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 15th April, 2016.

RCI is pleased to announce that we will have various deals on ARMX6 and TiMachine computer systems purchased at the Wakefield Show.

Purchasing a computer to take away with you lowers our shipping costs, and ensures that the machine is well cared for during transit. We pass these savings on to you in the form of extra goodies! Continue reading »

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Apr 122016

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 6th April, 2016.

We’re pleased to announce the release of ARMX6 OS Update 7. It is now available for download by ARMX6 owners from the usual ARMX6 users’ download site.

This release combines several strands of development, and we hope there’s something for everyone in OS update 7: Continue reading »

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Feb 252016

Anyone who purchases R-Comp‘s ARMSX ARMX6 computer at this Saturday’s show will walk away with a slightly better machine than the standard specification. That’s because the company will be including an additional 64GB of storage – one of the optional upgrades available when purchasing the computer normally. Continue reading »

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Feb 242016

It may be old skool, but some people still have old skreens.

Following the recent OS upgrade from R-Comp for their ARMSX ARMX6 computer, which – amongst other things – enhanced the HDMI capabilities of the machine, the company is now able to offer a means to connect the computer to older display hardware that needs an analogue VGA connection. Continue reading »

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Feb 232016

About a week ago, R-Comp made OS Update 6 available to users of the ARMSX ARMX6 computer.

The update brings with it a very welcome new feature for those using it via a HDMI connection to a monitor that has speakers – or those with other audio equipment that they’d like to use – because the headline feature is support for audio over HDMI. Continue reading »

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Oct 232015

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 22nd October, 2015.

Following on from the announcements about the ARMX6’s enhanced, class leading graphical capabilities this summer, we had several requests for “complete system” bundles from customers.

As such, we’re pleased to announce several bundle options at key price points for potential ARMX6 customers. Anyone who has already paid a deposit can choose one of these bundles too, so don’t worry 🙂 Continue reading »

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