Apr 012013
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Paint the whole RISC OS world with a rainbow!

There can’t be many RISC OS users who haven’t encountered a modern touchscreen device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer – indeed, R-Comp have been selling a tablet now for a couple of years, and have made quite a big thing about it, so it’s difficult to imagine how any RISC OS user could have missed the technology.

Smartphones and tablets are often very powerful computers in their own right, but – surely everyone knows – they’re designed to be handheld devices, which are very mobile, easily carried and fit into pockets or small bags, and as such they are distinct from what most would think of as their “bigger brothers” – PCs, which in this case stands for “Proper Computers.”

Well, in this case, everyone who knows that would be wrong. Continue reading »

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Apr 012012

We all know that one of the many reasons for Microsoft Windows being so big, requiring so much memory and disk space, and ever faster processors to be able to cope with each new version of the operating system in order to make it usable, is the fact that throughout its evolution it has always been possible to make old software run on the latest versions.

This backwards compatibility, the ability to run legacy code, is one of many important features of the operating system, but for those people who do actually need to run such code, for whatever reason, it must surely be one of the most important ones – and Microsoft is well aware of this. Continue reading »

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