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May 052012

Yet another better late than never report!

Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show, 2012

Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show, 2012

The last fortnight or so has been a busy one for me, and a major contributor to that has been the annual Wakefield Show, organised as usual by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC), and held at the Cedar Court Hotel. The show took place on Saturday 28th April, 2012, and it made me busy in the week running up to it because I decided I’d have something new(ish) on show (more on that later), and in the week following it because I had to do the work I’d put off in order to work on that new(ish) something!

As for the show itself,  I did have a fairly quiet morning on my stand, becoming busier later in the day. I initially tried taking advantage of that to wander around and speak to other exhibitors, but while my own stand was quiet, everyone else seemed busy and, of course, as the day progressed and I became busier, I had less opportunity to wander around myself. Continue reading »

Mar 242012

It’s been a busy month again here, which means there have been no posts to RISCOSitory for a while – so here’s a quick round-up of recent goings on in the world of RISC OS.

RISC OS 5.18

RISC OS 5 has seen its latest ‘stable’ release in the form of RISC OS 5.18, which features some 340 improvements since the last such release (version 5.16). The full list of improvements can be found on the RISC OS Open website, but this list isn’t written in ‘typical user-speak’. In response to requests for a more user friendly list, Rob Sprowson posted one to usenet, which Steve Revill has since posted on the RISC OS open forum. Continue reading »

Feb 262012

In a number of posts on over the last year, I’ve mentioned that we were approaching the BBC Micro’s 30th birthday and linked to a single page website about it. It appears that more details have now appeared on another single page site, describing it as “an anniversary celebration of the BBC Micro and Computer Literacy Project.”

The date set for the celebration is Sunday, 25th March, 2012, with the location given as – fittingly – Cambridge. There is a link to a contact form, and another to a Twitter feed.

Jul 162011

Chris Gransden has announced the availability of version of PDF, allowing users to view files in the ever prevalent Portable Document File format from Adobe. Changes in this version include better interaction with Paint and better facilities when saving images.

PDF can, of course, be used to view Drag ‘n Drop, a PDF based magazine aimed at Acorn 8-bit and RISC OS 32-bit communities – and volume 2 issue 4 is now available to purchase online for £3. Features in this issue include part 9 of Dave Stratford’s series on sorting, an article about upgrading to Messenger Pro 6, a selection of photographs from the 2011 Wakefield Show, along with a number of other articles.

Continue reading »