Jan 202017

But cover up any private bits!

RISCOS FRIn yet another BASIC-based initiative on the part of David Feugey’s RISC OS FR, a tailored edition of the latest Desktop Development Environment from RISC OS Open Ltd is on offer to people who want to get into BASIC programming, for the grand price tag of zero pounds, zero pence1, and one screenshot of your RISC OS desktop. Continue reading »

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Apr 232015

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 23rd April, 2015.

We are pleased to announce another new !Store digital release – the Wimp Programming Suite, for just £9.99. Designed as a useful suite of software and documentation for desktop programmers of novice to fairly advanced level, the Suite is available now. Continue reading »
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Jan 302015

TBX is a library from Alan Buckley, designed to help with the development of Toolbox-based applications for RISC OS using C++. The library comes with a user guide and reference documentation, and as well as the library itself, there are additional downloads available featuring examples of the library in use, including a program to help produce skeleton projects. Continue reading »

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Jan 142015

Start singing programming for your supper Pi

David Feugey, who hosts and serves up the French language website RISCOS.fr using a Raspberry Pi, has announced the site’s first programming contest – to write something in BBC BASIC, the programming language that is included in the ROM image of all versions of RISC OS, as well as Arthur (ostensibly RISC OS 1) and the ROMs of Acorn’s older 8-bit computers, going all the way back to the very first BBC computer. Continue reading »

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Mar 232013

It’s BASIC, Jim, but not as we know it.

Chris Gransden, who has ported a number of emulators and games to RISC OS, has been busy again. In December, he released a test version of XAMOS [direct download], ported to RISC OS after it was suggested on the RISC OS Open forums.

Originally published by Europress Software and developed by François Lionet and Constantin Sotiropoulos, AMOS BASIC was a version of the BASIC language for the Commodore Amiga home computer, Continue reading »

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Sep 162012

DrWimpC is in the house

Peter Miller has released a new development tool for C programmers using RISC OS 4 or higher.

The software, explains Peter, is intended as “an application creation and development tool for WIMP applications written using the C programming language” and is the result of some discussions Peter had with the late Ray Favre, who looked after the DrWimp BASIC library from 1999 until his death in 2010, having taken it over from Andrew Ayre who originally developed and maintained it from 1995 until 1999. The developer explains that his original plan was to develop his own C programming tool, but agreed with Ray that it might be useful for others and would therefore release something to the community. Continue reading »

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Aug 172012

Not a hack, but a tool for hackers – and sometimes the hacked off

Reporter is an application by Martin Avison that provides a way for Wimp applications (especially those written in BASIC), Obey files, assembler programs, and so on, to easily display text and variable values in a debugging window, and as such can be a very useful tool for programmers – and it can also be used to help diagnose other problems, reporting on what’s happening during the boot process, for example.

Version 2.67 is now available from the Avisoft website, which includes the following changes since version 2.66: Continue reading »

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