Mar 062017

With yet another successful Southwest Show disappearing in the rear view mirror (report coming soon…ish), and the Wakefield Show now looming on the horizon, there has been a small amount of behind the scenes discussion about issues surrounding the RISC OS shows in general.

An idea put forward in one of those discussions was for a general mailing list for people to discuss recent and upcoming events – and that idea has now been turned into reality with the RISC OS shows and events discussion list. Continue reading »

May 152012

Jumps out. Says “Boo!”

With OpenVector and its brethren continuing to be updated by Christopher Martin, Richard Torrens has highlighted the existence of the OpenVector mailing list, which he has been running for a couple of years, and is for both existing users of the software, as well as potential new users.

Richard, who also operates a number of other mailing lists, enthused about the software, saying “OpenVector does everything Draw does (and then some!) and completely replaces Draw. If you use Draw at all – switch to OpenVector!”

There is also a handy page listing control key assignments in OpenVector on Richard’s website, with the possibility of more such pages appearing if there is enough interest.

Jan 272010

Following the initial discussion Trevor Johnson and I had, as summarised earlier this week, I have now set up a mailing list for RISC OS users in Bristol and the surrounding area – this being the first planned step in order to try to guage interest in the possibility of a renewed Bristol based user group.

The easiest way to subscribe to the list is by visiting and filling in the very simple form on that page – email address to be subscribed, your name, and a password (entered twice) – and clicking the ‘subscribe’ button.

Soon after doing that, you will receive an email at the address you entered – this email will contain instructions on how to confirm and complete your subscription. And once that’s done, you will be able to post to the mailing list by sending your emails (from the address with which you subscribed) to

I look forward to seeing you on the list!