Jan 102015

Remembering it for you, so you don’t have to.

With the form for the 2014 RISC OS Awards poll now having been online for more than half of the intended period – it was opened for votes at the start of December, and will be closed in just three weeks at the end of January – it’s disappointing to note that the number of votes is worryingly low, at just 50 so far. And glancing at those votes, quite a number of people have only cast votes in a small number of categories, either leaving others blank or inserting comments such as “I couldn’t remember anything”. Continue reading »

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Jan 012015

Of course, announcing the ability to vote in the first place would help!

As noted in the 31st December Snippets post, things became a little hectic around these parts over the last couple of months, which meant very little time could be devoted to keeping RISCOSitory up to date.

However, I was able to set aside some time to set up the 2014 RISC OS Awards voting form, and even announce that via comp.sys.acorn.announce – but what I failed to do was also announce it here. Oops! Continue reading »

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Apr 022014

Lots of RISC OS users run RISC OS. Apparently.

When RISCOSitory ran the recent awards poll for the two years 2012 and 2013, the voting form also included a simple survey – the goal being to form an idea of what the RISC OS user-base is currently like,  what systems are in use, and so on. If the survey is carried out each year alongside the awards poll, it can theoretically reveal changes in the RISC OS landscape, such as whether we are attracting new users to the platform.The results of that first annual survey are now in, and have been published on the RISC OS Awards website. Continue reading »

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Jan 222014

Is that a drum roll I hear?

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

Voting closed a few days ago in the first annual awards poll to be run by RISCOSitory on the RISC OS Awards website, and the votes have now been calculated – on RISC OS, of course!

In most cases, the winner achieved notably more votes than any others – and in some cases that amounted to more than half the votes. Going the other way, when it was close it couldn’t have been closer; in one case there was just one vote between the winner, and in two others it was tied.

So, with no further ado, a quick summary of the nominations and winner in each category (with the percentage of the vote achieved) are as follows: Continue reading »

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Dec 162013

The polling booths  are now open!

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

The RISC OS Awards website, through which RISCOSitory is conducting a combined awards poll for the two years 2012 and 2013, is now able to accept your votes.

Between now and mid-January you will be able to vote for your favourite piece of software, the show you enjoyed the most, the project you find most interesting, and more besides. However, if you feel you are unable to form an opinion in any given category – perhaps you weren’t able to attend any shows, for example – every category has a “No opinion” option, allowing you to vote in some categories, without being forced to vote in all of them. Continue reading »

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Dec 012013

Celebrating the best of the RISC OS world!

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

Picking up the baton from those who have carried out RISC OS awards polls in the past – the Acorn press of old, followed by the Drobe, Icon Bar and RISCOScode websites – RISCOSitory is pleased to announce that it is conducting an awards poll to cover both 2012 and 2013.

The poll – which will be combined with a simple survey to form a picture of the RISC OS landscape – will take place on its own website and, in time, the aim will be to archive the results of previous polls on that site, so that they can always be found in one place.

So point your browsers at the RISC OS Awards website and take a look through the nominations for the first RISCOSitory annual awards poll.

A voting form will appear in mid-December and will remain online for three to four weeks, with the results being published some time in January 2014.

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Dec 242011

Something lacking from the tail end of last year was any kind of awards poll on any of the RISC OS news and information websites. Until its switch from active publishing to ‘archive’ mode, Drobe traditionally held an awards poll, and then The Icon Bar picked up the baton – until last year.

This year, RISCOScode has taken on the task. Continue reading »

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