Mar 202017

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2016 was brought to a close on 29th February. As before, the results were processed and counted on a RISC OS computer (using a home-brewed program to turn the votes into a file for each category, ready to be loaded into Fireworkz), and initially announced on the @RISCOSitory Twitter feed. Those results are now online on the RISC OS Awards website and the various winners have been notified – where possible – by email. Continue reading »

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Feb 052017

If you have yet to vote, here are even more options for you – so why not get voting NOW?

RISC OS Awards logoThe RISC OS Awards 2016 voting form was put online on 18th December, and while the number of votes looked promising compared to last year the first time the alternative options were published, this is no longer the case.

When the second round of alternative options were posted last year, approximately seven weeks after the polls were opened, the voting form had been completed approximately 140 times. Today – also about seven weeks in – the tally stands at around 120.

So if you have yet to vote, why not do so now? Continue reading »

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Jan 262016

An updated look at the alternative options people have voted for so far.

RISC OS Awards logoThe voting form for the 2015 RISC OS Awards poll went live seven weeks ago tomorrow – and the current tally stands at a few short of 140. This is a notable improvement on last year’s poll, which received around a hundred entries after being open for over two months, although still a little short of the previous year’s 150 – and ideally, even that could be bettered. Continue reading »

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Dec 302015

Have you voted yet? If not, get voting – and here are some additional ideas!

RISC OS Awards logo

The voting form for the 2015 RISC OS Awards poll went live three weeks ago today, and there have so far been just over a hundred entries – which is still a long way short of the first poll run by RISCOSitory two years ago, in which there were around 150 votes, but already a match for last year’s poll (in fact, it’s a very small improvement), which received around a hundred entries after being open for just over two months. Continue reading »

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Feb 182015

Roll out the red carpet!

RISC OS Awards logo

RISC OS Awards logo

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2014 officially closed earlier this month, and the votes have now been counted up – on RISC OS, using a combination of a small BASIC program and Colton Software’s Fireworkz. Continue reading »

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Jan 242015

And a reminder: Vote now and be counted!

The 2014 RISC OS Awards poll has been underway since the beginning of December, and the deadline for votes was to be the end of January – in one week’s time. However, that has now been extended, and the new deadline for votes is 7th February, 2014. If you haven’t voted yet, you now how two weeks in which to make your decision and cast your vote. Continue reading »

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